Meet our Editor-in-Chief



It is a great honor and a pleasure to serve as the new editor in chief of The Assyrian Star—a distinguished Assyrian publication that carries an important legacy for Assyrians in America.


Established as an “independent publication of, by, and for Assyrians,” the historic publication was read and cherished by Assyrians across the United States. Printed in an era without Facebook, the monthly magazine served many purposes, among them providing important news to Assyrians and maintaining a sense of community nationwide, ultimately creating an important archive for future generations of Assyrians.


Much has changed since the Star first launched in 1952. The most obvious: The way in which we consume news has evolved. For this reason—as much as I’ve loved sifting through its old archives in preparation for the relaunch—going forward, the publication will be mostly online at, with special editions like this one issued at national AANF events.

What won’t change, however, is the spirit and mission of the Star. We’ll continue to focus on news of Assyrians worldwide—including reportage on important events and developments, as well as commentary on Assyrian culture and heritage, arts, politics, and beyond. Over time, we hope to rebuild the influence and impact that characterized The Assyrian Star for decades.


I can only hope to equal the impressive work and service of previous editors. While we take pride and inspiration from our past, we’re facing forward.




Stephanie Yousif